Designed to reduce noise without robbing horsepower or economy, our Texis Brand mufflers have been tested at a technical diagnostic center and in many cases by the truck manufacturers themselves.

Performance Features


Ends are edge welded which provides a high strength joint with a better appearance.


Heavy gauge aluminized Steel is used throughout. Resists hot corrosive exhaust gasses and eliminates rusting with longer life service.


Perforated tubing and resonator chambers reduce noise without restricting exhaust flow.


Patented floating baffle gives maximum noise reduction with minimum backpressure.


Internal flanges are Arc-Welded on the inside. The result is a cleaner appearance without unsightly rust rings.


Many of the small diameter horizontal mufflers have a heavy duty crimp end construction. This OEM approved feature provides a consistent, high strength, backfire proof corrosion free end seal.


Sized inlet and outlet connections for better clamping and fit up.

We have been working closely with truck and engine manufacturers to develop mufflers capable of control diesel engine exhaust noise without decreasing performance or fuel economy. 

The result is a select line of mufflers that cover all of the major truck engines and exhaust systems.

Why do TEXIS mufflers last ?

Put simply, some mufflers are manufactured with thinner gauge bodies to save on production costs. This in turn saves you money, right?

Wrong! these "generic" mufflers do not properly support the stack causing breakage at the weld, and eventually the tilting of the stack. It's unsupported and thinner gauged inlet tube will fatigue and crack the weld around the inlet tube. 

From an engineering aspect, a difference in even one gauge of metal can seriously undermine the structural integrity of an entire application. A thicker gauge of metal will not only resist corrosion longer, but will provide better support for a longer period for any component it is connected to in a system.

Texis mufflers exceed O.E.M. requirements, provide better support and as a result, offer out customers a greatly extended service life.

A Texis brand muffler is made with a stronger body, and has two internal support flanges. Most other mufflers only have one. (Some actually have an inlet flange and tube that is a full 2 gauges thinner than an O.E. type muffler)

The light weight construction of these 'other' products will not provide the normal life span of an O.E. type muffler, and will likely lead to early replacement or repair. In many cases Texis can rescue the muffler by making the necessary welds (depending on the degree of decay). Still, many of these other mufflers turning up at our facility are beyond repair. 

With Texis Brand you ensure that muffler quality is up to par before installation, extending both the lifespan of your exhaust system, and the amount of time before your next trip to the repair center.

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