Cutting Flexible Tubing

The Problem: Flexible tubing has an obnoxious tendency to spring-back or twist when it is cut. 

This spring-back or twist action causes the tubing diameter to expand, resulting in an over-sized piece of tubing.

Once the tubing has expanded it is very difficult to return to its original dimension.

The Fix: When cutting flexible tubing, to eliminate spring-back or twisting of the tubing a small tack weld or a drop of solder should be placed on each side of the cutting point between the convolutions. 

Note: It is important that the solder flows down between the convolutions. Be sure that you have accomplished this before attempting to make a cut. 

The Tools:

  • A BERNZ-0-MATIC torch or any other comparative brand can be used for soldering.
  • A saw blade with 32 or 24 teeth per inch will be the best for cutting.

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